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  • 14.06.2023 – 12:00

    EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Spacey Gives First Interview Since Scandal

    Hamburg (ots) - Actor Kevin Spacey, 63, says he hopes to make a comeback following his trial over alleged sexual offenses in London, which begins on June 28. "I know that there are people right now who are ready to hire me the moment I am cleared of these charges in London. The second that happens, they're ready to move forward," Spacey told ZEITmagazin. The two-time Oscar winner spoke with ZEITmagazin for the first time ...

  • 25.01.2018 – 09:50

    Siemens CEO at ZEIT Reception Davos: "We are not going to let Görlitz down"

    Hamburg (ots) - At an event hosted by the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and CMS on 24th January, Joe Kaeser commented on the downsizing of Siemens in the energy sector: "We are not going to let Görlitz down. We are not going to let those people down." Siemens has a social responsibility, CEO Kaeser said, but "if nothing happens 3.000 are gone, because life ...