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  • 09.02.2022 – 11:30

    New home for WDR’s Studio for Electronic Music

    Cologne, Germany (ots) - WDR’s world-famous Studio for Electronic Music (SEM) is moving to a new home: at its meeting on Thursday (3.2.2022), Cologne City Council approved the proposal to expand Cologne’s Early Music Centre (zamus) to include WDR’s Studio for Electronic Music. This was preceded by discussions between WDR, the city and the state. zamus 2.0/SEM will become an international production and event centre ...

  • 12.06.2019 – 08:15

    "My dear friend Anne Frank" / WDR releases new eyewitness reports in Augmented Reality

    Cologne (ots) - Today, on 12th June, Anne Frank would have been 90-years-old. Her diary is regarded as the epitome of a testimony to the traumatic horrors of the Second World War and the crimes against the Jewish people. Learning from history - the German public broadcaster WDR also sees that as one of the most important social tasks and wants to make its contribution. ...

  • 06.12.2018 – 13:05

    CIVIS Media Prize 2019 - Competition opened / Closing-date for entries is 21 January 2019

    Cologne (ots) - Once again, the CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe will honour radio, film, television, as well as internet programme contributions, which promote peaceful coexistence of people of different geographical and cultural backgrounds. We are looking for the best European programmes, web-videos and websites on the topic of ...

  • 25.10.2018 – 14:23

    Wayne Marshall to remain Principal Conductor of the WDR Radio Orchestra until summer 2020

    Cologne (ots) - Following six years as Principal Conductor of the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne, the British conductor, organist and pianist Wayne Marshall now wants to dedicate himself more to his international career as of summer 2020. Under his direction, the light orchestra discovered the dazzling works of Gershwin and Bernstein in a totally new way. His unique ...

  • 26.03.2017 – 12:35

    Merkel: European Funds not to be used as a means of exerting pressure

    Köln (ots) - The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects the idea of threatening to cut EU subsidies to member states should they fail to comply with EU decisions or violate the principle of the rule of law. In an exclusive interview (WDR) for the ARD-Europamagazin (German Television/Das Erste, 26.03.2017, 12.45 Uhr) held at the sidelines of the Rome Summit, she ...

  • 03.05.2012 – 13:32

    Europe without Alternative? / WDR Europaforum 2012 - on 9th May in Brussels

    Cologne (ots) - The 15th international WDR Europaforum at the European Parliament in Brussels will address topics relating to the debate surrounding the future of Europe and, on 9th May, will provide the opportunity for those in attendance to exchange thoughts with high-ranking politicians from across ...

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  • 17.01.2012 – 11:16

    CIVIS Media Prize 2012 - Last Call - Closing date for entries January 20,2012

    Cologne (ots) - Please send us your best programmes on the theme of integration and cultural diversity. Closing date for entries is January 20, 2012. CIVIS honours programme contributions on radio, television and in the internet which promote the peaceful coexistence of people of the most varied national, ethnic, religious or cultural origins. The CIVIS Media Prize is ...